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Master the social network of your choice with our training courses, and maximize your online presence with our highly personalized courses!

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, our experts will give you the keys on platforms such as, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many more.

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Our training objectives
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Becoming self-sufficient

Our courses will provide you with the in-depth knowledge to confidently use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok . Learn how to create and optimize your profile, then make the most of the tools available.

Stand out from the crowd

Knowing how to maximize your online visibility will be a key element of our training, whether for you or your brand. These best practices will help you communicate in the best possible way on the social network of your choice.

Create content

During our training courses, you'll learn how to create engaging content. Practical tips to help you develop winning content strategies. You'll know how to master formats to maximize the impact of your message.

Our social networking training courses, for whom?

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For beginners

Are you starting from scratch? No problem at all. Our courses are designed to guide you through the basics and get you up to speed quickly on social networking.

For Professionals

Optimize your company's online presence. Build brand awareness and explore prospecting and lead generation strategies tailored to professional use.

Social networking training: what do you learn?

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Linkedin training

  • Optimize your Linkedin profile: Learn how to create a powerful, professional profile that showcases your skills and experience.
  • Increase brand awareness on Linkedin: Explore effective strategies for increasing your company’s visibility on this professional platform.
  • Search for jobs and apply directly on Linkedin: Learn how to optimize your profile to attract recruiters, as well as how to use job search functions. Create personalized job alerts so you don’t miss out on any offers in your field.
  • Prospecting and lead generation: Discover advanced prospecting techniques to generate leads and develop your professional network.
  • Use advanced features: Join industry-relevant groups. You can also explore advanced features such as e-mail automation for business communications.
  • Analyze performance: easily access your profile statistics and track the performance of your best publications.
  • Be aware of security and confidentiality: Choose the right confidentiality settings in your account and be alert to phishing and scam prevention.
  • Automate Lead Generation on Linkedin: Generate contacts and approach your potential customers in large numbers in an automated, simplified way using technical tools.

In 2023 Switzerland, the most popular social network will remain LinkedIn, with 3.9 million active users.

News source :
Le Temps
& La SSR Suisse Romande

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Instagram training

  • Create and optimize your Instagram profile: Learn how to create an attractive profile. Familiarize yourself with the Instagram interface by discovering the basic functions, on

    iPhone and Android smartphone

  • Share relevant content: Create and share quality photos and videos with consistent use of formats and filters. Learn how to increase your visibility (hashtags, tags, collaborations…).
  • Design a coherent editorial line and content strategy: Develop a professional approach to content creation, tailored to your target audience.
  • Encourage engagement and interactivity: Create interaction with subscribers, responding to comments and direct messages.
  • Sell products on Instagram shopping: set up a store, publish products and use direct payment features.
  • Performance analysis: Easily access your profile statistics, analyze trends and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Set up ads on Instagram: Achieve a coherent advertising strategy. Learn how to set up and optimize advertising campaigns to fine-tune your strategy.

Instagram and Facebook are close behind, with 2.9 million and 2.8 million active users respectively.

News sources : Le Temps & La SSR Suisse Romande

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Tiktok training

  • Introduction to TikTok: Discover the platform, how it works, the audience and its impact.
  • Relevant content creation: Create and share attractive videos, with a choice of music and special effects adapted to the platform. Learn how to use

    video editing

    editing features.
  • Content strategy: Plan and organize your content to attract a specific audience, taking into account trends and popular hashtags.
  • Profile optimization: Learn tips for optimizing your TikTok profile, including biography, profile photo and selection of external links.
  • Encouraging engagement and interactivity: Discover techniques for stimulating engagement with your audience, including responding to comments, using duets, and collaborating with other creators.
  • Performance analysis: easily access TikTok’s analytical tools and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Compliance with community guidelines: A warning about TikTok community rules and guidelines to avoid problems with inappropriate content.
  • Developments and trends: Keep abreast of new TikTok features and emerging trends to adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Using TikTok for Business: Set up ads, learn about best practices and the platform’s features.

By 2023, the number of users on the platform will have risen by 23%. At this rate, TikTok could become the most popular social network.

Information source:

How social networking training works


Training planning

Call us to make an appointment and set a date and location for your 1st class. Please note that our courses are one-to-one, allowing you to learn more effectively and achieve your goals.

We offer the possibility of carrying out social networking training at home or at our offices in Geneva Eaux-vives at 36 rue du 31 décembre.

Together, we define a lesson plan adapted to your level and needs, on the social network of your choice such as Linkedin, Instagram or TikTok.

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Training courses

Benefit from the advice of our experienced social networking trainers. Our training courses are fully customized, offering total flexibility.

According to the established course plan, we will progress through the training as the appointments progress. The course content can be optimized to meet specific needs. What’s more, you’re free to take our courses without any long-term commitment, and to stop when you feel you’ve reached your goals.

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Progress tracking

Train between each of our appointments and also progress independently thanks to small practical exercises. The aim is to become totally autonomous in the use of social networks, and a whole range of support services will be put in place to achieve this.

Learn, train, progress, have fun!

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And there you have it!
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