Office Automation Course
Word, Excel, Powerpoint

for beginners and seniors

Thanks to our office automation courses, you’ll soon be familiar with all the software in the Office pack, whether it’s Excel spreadsheets, Word word processing and page layout, Outlook mail processing or Powerpoint slide presentations.

With these different office software programs, you’ll be able to write and edit administrative, personal or professional files on your own.

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Looking for a job? New position?
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The objectives of office automation courses

Be self-sufficient in office software

No need to think and wonder about the feasibility of your projects, we answer all your technical questions and make you autonomous in their use.

Understanding and facilitating use

We'll explain the logic behind proper software handling. It all becomes very simple once the right explanations are given. All that's left to do is apply.

Save time and increase efficiency

If you've already got the hang of it, we'll show you how to improve your workflow and gain 2X to 3X more efficiency.

What do you learn in a beginner's office automation course?

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Introduction to the Word text editor :

  • Installing Word on your computer
  • Creating a text document
  • Open and modify a document
  • Clean, legible document layout
  • Save and export your document
  • Save your text in uneditable PDF format
  • Modify margins
  • Create, modify and delete headers and footers
  • Format characters (bold, underlined, size…)
  • Paragraph formatting (alignment, indentation, etc.)
  • Use spellchecker
  • Translating a text
  • Insert a page break,
  • insert a section break
  • Find and replace text
  • Create a document using a template
  • Page numbering
  • Using template styles
  • More information on office automation…(wiki)

Using the Excel spreadsheet :

  • Installing Excel on your computer
  • Master the basic functions
  • Create a table
  • Open an existing table
  • Register
  • Print your table
  • Moving and selecting in a table
  • Modifying cells
  • Building a table
  • Insert and delete lines,
  • columns and cells
  • Layout, preview and print options
  • Add, delete or rename a sheet
  • Copy and move a sheet
  • Create a table with calculations
  • Get an instant calculation
  • Establish ratios using operations (addition, subtraction, etc.)
Outlook power point computer course

Using Powerpoint presentation software :

  • Installing Powerpoint on your computer
  • Presentation templates
  • Design models
  • Playing with colors
  • Adding a new slide
  • Inserting images
  • Background images
  • Inserting text boxes
  • Inserting tables
  • Inserting links
  • Inserting a document
  • Inserting diagrams
  • Adding movies and sounds
  • Slide numbering
  • Copy, paste and move slides
  • Transitions
  • Entertainment
  • Impressions
  • Convert to format
  • PDFConvert to HTML
  • View the result

Getting to grips with outlook e-mail :

  • First steps with Outlook e-mail
  • Software overview
  • Integrated help
  • The files
  • Inbox
  • Show mails
  • Create a letter
  • E-mail formatting
  • Read messages
  • Reply to a message
  • Message forwarding and resending
  • Delete, move and mark a message
  • Print messages
  • Save messages
  • Automatic signature
  • Spell checker
  • Acknowledgement of receipt
  • Mail management
  • Organizing filing
  • Set up rules to organize your messages
  • Managing junk mail and spam
  • Search functionality
  • Contact address book
  • Create contacts
  • Manage contacts
  • View and print your address book
  • Save your address book and import your address book
  • Diary management
  • Create appointments
  • Schedule tasks
  • Automatic reminders
  • Sharing diaries

Office automation courses


Course planning

Call us to make an appointment and set a date and location for your 1st class. Please note that our courses are one-to-one, enabling you to learn more effectively and solve your problems quickly and precisely.

We offer the possibility of carrying out computer courses at home or at our offices in Geneva Eaux-vives at 36 rue du 31 décembre.

When we call, we’ll ask you to prepare a list of the points you’d like to cover during the course. Thanks to this, we can work on what you want first.

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Office automation course

If this is your first office automation lesson, we start by getting to know your current equipment so that we can adapt our working methods and optimize your machine for the use you want to make of it.

Then we move on, checking that we have understood and correctly applied the various techniques taught.

We want our students to fully master the various processes, and this sometimes means repeating actions.

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Homework and progress monitoring

Most of the work is done when we’re not there, and yes! You’ll have homework to do! This will enable you to get to grips with your technology and use it on your own.

Then, at the next appointment, we can look at the various difficulties encountered and help you to overcome them.

Learn, train, progress, have fun!

This is our teaching method, guaranteeing 100% progress.

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Obtaining your certificate (Optional)

At, we’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to obtain a certificate attesting to your office automation skills.

After passing a knowledge test and receiving a friendly assessment from our teachers, this certificate will prove your mastery of essential tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It’s a real asset for boosting your CV and standing out on the professional market. certificate

And there you have it!
Don't wait any longer, start learning office automation now.

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