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Is your computer giving you a headache?

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Our computer courses are designed to help you take control of your machine and use it efficiently.

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Computer course objectives

Mastering your computer

Learn how to tame your machine and handle it worry-free. The use and storage of your e-mails, photos, documents and more will hold no secrets for you.

Save time and increase efficiency

Learn how to tame your machine and use it worry-free. The use and storage of your e-mails, photos, documents and more, will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Simplify use

Things can be simple, especially when it comes to computers! It sounds crazy, but it's true. But to do this, you need to customize your computer. We'll help you do it and make it easy to use.

What do you learn from a computer course?

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Basic computer operation :

  • Sending and receiving e-mail
  • Organizing / sorting photos
  • Organizing/sorting documents
  • Watch videos / newspapers
  • Chatting with friends / family
  • Delete unnecessary items
  • Installing programs
  • Using the Internet
  • and more…

Customize your machine :

  • Create desktop shortcuts
  • Personalize your workspace
  • Change desktop image
  • Change text and cursor size
  • Add an extra screen
  • Add new users
  • Add sites to favorites
  • and more…

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Course planning

Call us to make an appointment and set a date and location for your 1st class. Please note that our courses are one-to-one, enabling you to learn more effectively and solve your problems quickly and precisely.

We offer the possibility of carrying out computer courses at home or at our offices in Geneva Eaux-vives at 36 rue du 31 décembre.

When we call, we’ll ask you to prepare a list of the points you’d like to cover during the course. Thanks to this, we can work on what you want first.

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How the computer course works

If this is your first computer course, we start by getting to know your current equipment so that we can adapt our working methods and optimize your machine for the use you wish to make of it.

Then we move on, checking that we have understood and correctly applied the various techniques taught.

We want our students to fully master the various processes, and this sometimes means repeating actions.

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Homework and progress monitoring

Most of the work is done when we’re not there, and yes! You’ll have homework to do! This will enable you to get to grips with your technology and use it on your own.

Then, at the next appointment, we can look at the various difficulties encountered and help you to overcome them.

Learn, train, progress, have fun!

This is our teaching method, guaranteeing 100% progress.

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And there you have it!
Don't wait any longer and start learning how to use a computer right away.

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