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This course is ideal for anyone interested in artificial intelligence, with no prerequisites.
Whether you’re a student, a professional looking to diversify your skills, or simply curious about technology, our course is designed to make AI accessible to everyone.
ChatGPT, Research & Writing, image creation.
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Our training objectives
in Artificial Intelligence

Becoming self-sufficient

With a pinch of curiosity, you'll discover that AI isn't just for technology experts, but can enrich everyone's life. Let us guide you through your first steps towards understanding artificial intelligence.

Create content

Master the most accessible and widely used AI tools and platforms. Whether for content creation, data analysis, or service personalization. ChatGPT, Google's Bard, Google Translate, Apple's Siri and more...

Practical use

Discover how artificial intelligence can simplify everyday and professional life. From intelligently managing your IT usage to optimizing your business activities, integrate AI into various aspects of your life, improving your efficiency and creativity.

Who should attend our AI training courses?

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For beginners

Starting from scratch? No problem. Our courses are designed to guide you through the basics and help you quickly master AI tools.

For Professionals

Optimize your company's online presence.
Build brand awareness and explore prospecting and lead generation strategies tailored to professional use.

What does AI training teach?

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Training IA Chat GPT
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GPT Chat Training

Introduction to ChatGPT and GPT-3 and 4:

An introduction to the origins of ChatGPT and earlier versions.

Explanation of the model’s ability to understand and generate natural language.

An overview of the OpenAI platform and its various services.

Fundamental Concepts of Conversational AI :

Exploring the basics of automatic natural language processing (NLP).

Understanding of how ChatGPT processes inputs and generates responses.

Introduction to the concepts of neural networks and transform models.

Basic interactions with ChatGPT :

Learn how to interact effectively with ChatGPT.

Understanding of the importance of prompts.

Analyze ChatGPT responses to get the most out of them.

Practical applications of ChatGPT :

Case studies on the use of ChatGPT for content creation, customer support and personal assistance.

Discussion of the impact of ChatGPT in different sectors such as education, marketing, etc.

Customizing ChatGPT :

Fine-tuning techniques to adapt ChatGPT to specific use cases.

Training on how to use the OpenAI interface to customize ChatGPT responses.

ChatGPT limitations and challenges :

Identify current limitations of ChatGPT and language models in general.

Approaches to dealing with inconsistencies and potential errors in ChatGPT responses.

Practical exercises and projects :

Set up workshops to practice formulating prompts and analyzing responses.

Group projects to design simple applications using ChatGPT.

In 2023 Switzerland, the most popular social network will remain LinkedIn, with 3.9 million active users.

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Learn how to generate beautiful artificial images

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How social networking training works


Training planning

Contact us to plan your first course in artificial intelligence.
Together, we’ll arrange a date and location that’s convenient for you.
Our training courses are personalized and one-to-one, ensuring effective learning to help you achieve your specific goals.

You can choose to follow your IA training at home, for optimum comfort, or at our premises in Geneva at Eaux-vives, 36 rue du 31 décembre.

We’ll work with you to design a training program tailored to your level and your aspirations in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Course schedule

Benefit from the advice of our experienced social networking trainers.
Our training courses are fully customized, offering total flexibility.

Based on the training plan we’ve devised together, we’ll take it step by step, session by session.
And don’t worry, we’ll adjust the content as we go along, so that it fits your needs perfectly.
The little extra?
Our courses come with no strings attached – no long-term obligations here.
You decide how long you want to spend with us, until you feel ready to take to the skies of AI on your own.

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Progress tracking

Practice regularly between our sessions and gain autonomy through concrete AI exercises. The aim is to make you totally independent in understanding and using AI tools, and we’ll provide you with all the support you need to achieve this autonomy.

Learn about AI, practice with real projects, improve your skills and, above all, enjoy discovering this fascinating technology!

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